One of the Best Dude Ranches in the Country – and the Oldest!

Through decades of bringing people together at the oldest dude ranch in America, we’ve also learned to be one of the BEST dude ranches! We care about our guests’ experience and it shows – many families have returned for 5 generations! Our all inclusive rates include: meals, accommodations with full bath & maid service, horseback riding with your own saddle horse, a cocktail hour from 5-6pm daily, and all general entertainment and activities at the Ranch. We will also pick you up and take you back to the Sheridan Airport at no extra charge. We want your vacation to be seamless and fun! We look forward to seeing you at Eatons’, one of the nation’s best dude ranches.

Eatons’ Ranch All Inclusive Rates:

Individual rates vary according to cabin level and are shown as nightly per person rates. Note: No charge for children 5 years and under. A 6% sales tax and 7% lodging tax will be charged in addition to all rates. Applicable rates will be clearly stated in correspondence when arrangements for Ranch vacation in Wyoming are made. No premium charge will be applied if we assign a cabin to you based on our vacancies.

Gold Coast $365 adults, $270 age 6-17
Premium $340 adults, $270 age 6-17
Standard $310 adults, $270 age 6-17
Economy $300 adults, $270 age 6-17

JUNE 1-3 & AUG 13-SEPT 30:
Gold Coast $325 adults, $250 age 6-17
Premium $310 adults, $250age 6-17
Standard $290 adults, $250 age 6-17
Economy $280 adults, $250 age 6-17

Max Occupancy Per Cabin:

Gold Coast: Ayres 6, Col Hall 3, Elliot 6, Holiday House 4, Jenkins 4, Little Antlers 6, Louer 2, Moss 7, Rinehart 4, Wigwam 4.

Premium: Beckman 4, Big Graham 7, Dailey 2, Daniel’s Den 4, Hull 5, Lodge 4, Storybook 2, Toyland 2.

Standard: Alden’s Suite 2, Applegate 2, Duncan 2, Howard’s Suite 2, Hell’s Kitchen 2, Morrill 4, Nimick 6, Old Weaver 2, Robbins 2, Sanders 3, Schiller 2, Shaw 4, Stevens 6, Williams 2, Willis’s Suite 2.

Economy: #58 2, Blanchard 4, Bryan 2, Charlie’s Suite 2, Clapp 2, Low 4, Mellon 4, Pike Cabins 2, Stoner 4, Woodruff 2.


Contact the Eatons’ Ranch office staff by phoning (800) 210-1049, emailing OR fill out the form below. The minimum stay at Eatons’ Ranch throughout our summer season is 3 nights. Please note that all reservations will be confirmed in writing via the US Postal Service or via email. Reservations can not be made via 3rd party systems and can only be made via direct personal correspondence with us.

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    Additional Reservation Info & Policies:

    CHECK-IN: Check-in is at 3:00 pm.  Please note that if you plan to horseback ride the morning of your arrival date you will be charged half (50%) of your confirmed daily rate/person plus gratuity and tax.

    CHECK-OUT: Check-out is 11:00 am.  Please note that anyone staying after the 11:00 am check-out time, you will be charged half (50%) of your confirmed daily rate/person plus gratuity and tax.

    GRATUITIES & TAXES at our Wyoming Dude Ranch: A fifteen (15%) percent service charge, six (6%) percent sales tax and seven (7%) lodging tax will be added.

    DEPOSIT for your Ranch Vacation: A $500 deposit for each guest is required to confirm all reservations. Reservations without a deposit will be released in 72 hours.

    CANCELLATIONS: Deposits remain refundable minus a $100 service charge up until 60 days prior to the arrival date. All cancellations within 59 days of the reservation are no longer refundable.

    CHANGES to your Dude Ranch Vacation: Any changes made to reservation dates and/or number of guests must be made 60 days prior to the reservation. If dates and/or guests are removed from the reservation less than 60 days in advance, guests will be billed for the original dates and number of guests.

    • The Ranch does not guarantee babysitting services for children two years of age and younger; however we do try to have these services available as often as we can.
    • Individuals under six years of age are not allowed to trail ride.
    • Check-in time is 3:00 PM unless other arrangements have been made. Check-out time is 11:00 AM unless other arrangements have been made.
    • Please be aware that all guests are required to sign a waiver/release form upon checking in at the Ranch.
    • No pets allowed.