Wyoming Dude Ranch Jobs at Eatons’

Are you ready for a summer adventure that you won’t soon forget? Explore the Wyoming Dude Ranch jobs and opportunities at Eatons’ Ranch! We start hiring for our summer guest season, which is June 1st – October 1st, 2024, around the first of the new year. We realize that many college students cannot commit to staying the entire season, but do not apply unless you can work until at least August 11, 2024. Below are the positions we are currently hiring for; please feel free to e-mail us at info@eatonsranch.com if you have any questions! Thank you for your interest in working at Eatons’ Ranch, and we look forward to receiving your application.

Wyoming Dude Ranch Jobs at Eatons’ Ranch:

Head Chef: Please contact us for information.

Assistant Cook: Responsible for assisting with all food preparation for all meals as set forth in the meal plan. You will also be asked to assist on the line during lunch and dinner and will be in charge of all meal preparation on the Head Chef’s day off. This position falls under the direct supervision of the Head Chef and responsibilities are subject to change.

Wrangler: Responsibilities will include general wrangling duties- morning wrangling rotation, saddle horses, cleaning yard and barn, and taking out rides when demand warrants. The primary job of a wrangler is to take guests on rides. This will include daily rides, all-day rides, and some over night pack trips. Experience with horses is required!

Server: Serving meals to guests promptly, upon their arrival into the dining room is your primary responsibility. Each server will be responsible for a two-table section every day that they work. You will also be asked to pick up one or two tables on other servers’ day off. Servers will be broken into teams for our weekly cookouts and buffets.

Bartender: Responsible for the Apartment Bar and it’s operations. Must be able to obtain TIPS certification for the state of Wyoming and be over 21 years old. Must have a general knowledge of cocktails, beer and wine and be a friendly & pleasant presence in the bar. Responsible for daily cleaning and stocking of the bar as well as assisting in placing alcohol orders.

Housekeeping: Responsible for daily maid service of guest cabins and Main Ranch House. You will be assigned a specific area, consisting of 6-10 cabins. Daily duties will include making beds, straightening up rooms, shaking out floor rugs, sweeping floors, dusting furniture, cleaning bathrooms, emptying waste baskets, stocking Kleenex and bathroom tissue, replacing bathroom towels and pool towels, replacing drinking glasses, and ensuring porches are clear of debris and swept.

Children’s Program: Responsible for the organizing, coordinating, and supervision of activities for children. You will be responsible for supervising children three years and older during morning riding hours and for planned activities in the afternoon. In addition, the children’s program you and the staff will also be expected to keep our recreation hall, Howard Hall, clean and well maintained.

Office Assistant: Primary responsibilities will include assisting with checking guests in and showing them to their cabins, answering telephones, responding to customer inquiries, waiting on Ranch store customers, and other administrative duties. Additional responsibilities will include sweeping in and around the office when necessary and maintaining proper inventory levels for store merchandise.

Lawns/Maintenance: Responsible for maintaining all lawns and grounds. This includes mowing lawns, trimming edges, trimming trees and bushes, and watering lawns. You will operate on a schedule, which will specify when areas need to be cut and trimmed. You will be expected to water each lawn after your work there is done. Watering times will vary based on the weather. In addition to your lawn duties you will also be asked to haul garbage and ashes.

Dishwasher: Responsible for washing dishes three meals a day. You will also be assigned daily and weekly side jobs, such as sweeping and mopping the kitchen. This position falls under the direct supervision of the Head Chef and responsibilities are subject to change.

Qualifications for Employment at Eatons’ Ranch

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at time of employment.  Employees are expected to represent themselves and the company in a positive manner when conducting business on and off the ranch. Positive conduct also refers to personal appearance. Good personal hygiene is expected of all employees. Conduct becomes even more important during the summer dude season. We are a service business and we expect employees to be courteous and helpful to all guests at all times.